Petzl STRATO Vent Helmet


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Lightweight and comfortable, customized fit
Centerfit adjustment
Flip&Fit system adjustment
Dual chinstrap which is adjustable to strengthen it to whether you’re working at height or on the ground
Accessories to customize to you and modular for easy install
Five colors: White, Yellow, Red, Black, Hi-Viz Orange, Hi-Viz Yellow

Multiple certifications
The Petzl STRATO High-Performance Helmet is essential for work at height and industrial settings. The helmet gives you effective protection from falling objects, and if you fall yourself. They feature two adjustment systems: Flip&Fit and Centerfit. Centerfit allows you to adjust the helmet to be perfectly centered and is adjusted by the two side wheels the helmet features. Flip&Fit positions the headband low on the back of the helmet to guarantee that the helmet fits securely. The headband folds into the shell for easy storage and transport.

With the dual chinstrap, it allows you to adjust the chinstrap strength in order to adapt to your different working environments: at height or on the ground. The clip has two positions that correspond to how to be used:
Higher Strength: limits the risk of the helmet coming off in a fall (strength greater than 50 daN)
Lower Strength: limits the risk of strangulation by releasing if snagged at ground level (strength lower than 25 daN)
With the modular accessories, you can customize your helmet to fit your needs with a range of protective eye and face shields, headlamps, and other various accessories including nape and helmet protectors, chinstraps, and more.

The liner is made of EPP (expanded polypropylene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene) for reduced weight and shock absorption. In the un-vented version, the helmet protects against electrical hazards, molten metal splash, and flames.

Multiple certifications including ANSI Z89.1, you can trust your Petzl STRATO High-Performance Helmet to perform as you want it to and when you need it the most.

Head circumference: 53-63cm

Weight: 435g

Material(s): ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), EPP (expanded polypropylene), EPS (expanded polystyrene),nylon, polycarbonate, high-strength polyester, polyethylene

Certification(s): CE, ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class E, EAC• (1) meets all requirements of the EN 397 standard, except the requirement for internal vertical clearance.

EN 12492
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White No PZ-A020AA00
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Yellow No PZ-A020AA01
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Red No PZ-A020AA02
Yes PZ-A020BA02
Black No PZ-A020AA03
Yes PZ-A020BA03
Hi-Viz Orange No PZ-A020CA01
Yes PZ-A020DA01
Hi-Viz Yellow No PZ-A020CA00
Yes PZ-A020DA00