Featuring a 14” Husqvarna K12FD94, 6.5 hp. (94 cc) 2-stroke gas engine rescue saw. Designed with firefighter ergonomic performance enhancements and all accessories stored in one kit that cuts every material possible, wood, concrete, steel, plastic, rubber. With the SuperMega II rescue saw kit, no matter what the emergency, failure is not an option. This exceptionally well thought out kit covers all your cutting challenges allowing fast grab and go access to your rescue saw when you need it.

Kits include: K12FD94 14” Rescue Saw, 2 Lightning diamond blades, 2 Piraya diamond blades, 2 carbide tipped blades, 2 abrasive rescue blades, one gallon safety gas can, 2-cycle oil, gasoline stabilizer, hearing protector, goggles, spare air filter, spare drive belt, screwdriver/wrench, carrying sling, instructions, optional steel or aluminum case (full size or space saver). Dimensions L35” x W14” x H18”

Maximum cutting depth 5”, Weight 82 lbs. to 103 lbs.