Central Alabama Training Solutions, or CATS, was established in March of 2004. What started out with very little assets but big dreams is now a one stop for training and safety products.  Though a very conservative plan, CATS now has a 9600 square foot training building and an 8 acre drill field. CATS is located at 5100 Culver Road, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. J. Keith Sharp is founder and President with Marvin Lyons and John Snider as partners. Keith and John are retired from Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue, where Marvin is in his 13th year as an apparatus operator.  Dennis Weverink, co-founder with Keith in 2004, was a key part of the advancement and the growth of CATS until he departed for outside opportunities in 2014. The drill field in Tuscaloosa has propane emergencies, live fire, and several confined space props in which to train your response team. CATS teaches by the OSHA standard and will certify your responders in Hazardous Materials, Confined Space, and as Industrial firefighter.  The new 9600 square foot building has two large classrooms and a conference room for smaller classes. CATS has a large kitchen and dining area where everyone can enjoy the food and camaraderie of the fellow responders.

CATS is also proud of the product line in which we now represent.  Task Force Tips (TFT), Amkus, Worthington cylinders, Viking turnout gear, Superior Hose, Majestic hoods, and Fireade foam products are just a few. CATS has a showroom that will soon be open in July 2015 that sells our products daily.  Check back soon and we will be having our online store ready where you can order and pay from the website.

Thanks for all the support from the many clients who have helped to make this endeavor possible.  We work hard to gain your trust and business through valuable training and reasonable pricing.  If you have any needs or a comment feel free to contact CATS at 

205-341-2287 or by email at ksharp@catscorp.com


Confined Space Training​ 

Designed for anyone who works around confined spaces and ALL emergency responders.  
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to identity a confined space and understand its associated hazards. This program is a must for any employer with confined spaces on site or whose employees may encounter confined spaces during their normal course of employment. 



First Responder CPR/AED

Course is designed to instruct a student to the level of First Responder. First Responders serve as a vital link in the health care team.  This curriculum includes the skills necessary for the individual to provide emergency medical care with a limited amount of equipment. 


Hazardous Materials

Course is for any EMS, Fire, Rescue, or Law Enforcement personnel who in the course of their work may respond to a hazardous materials incident.This course provides the information necessary to assist in recognizing and identifying hazardous materials and mitigating the incident. 



Incident Command

Course designed to be used in managing response operations for all types of emergencies and is generally considered the most effective way to manage a hazardous materials incident.
Course content includes identifying and describing the roles of various personnel that comprise the hazardous material team, proper notification procedures, avoiding potential exposure to hazardous materials, and establishing liaisons with federal, state, and/or local government authorities.

High Angle Rope Rescue

​Course will prepare the rescuer for safety rig rescues from Low Angle, Steep & Vertical environments.This course includes instructions on ropes, webbing, knots, hardware and rappelling skills.  Then we progress into anchors, raising and lowering devices and patients packaging with the majority of the class spent in practical application.

​Fire Extinguishers &Small Diameter Hoses

​This program teaches your employees how to calmly and effectively deal with fires and correctly use a 
fire extinguisher with a live fire simulator.

Rescue Standbys